Milestones - TMCAA

11th January 2019
Official Registration Of Alumni Association
18th January 2019
First TMCAA Meeting - Inauguration & Installation Of Office Bearers
18th January 2019
1st Trust Board Meeting
07th April 2019
2nd Trust Board Meeting
07th July 2019
3rd Trust Board Meeting
06th August 2019
Two Restrooms Renovated
06th October 2019
4th Trust Board Meeting
05th January 2020
5th Trust Board Meeting
05th January 2020
First Management Committee Meeting
22th March 2020
Management Committee Meeting & Advisory Council Meeting (Batch Representatives)- Scheduled On 22nd March 2020 Was Postponed Due To Covid Crisis
05th April 2020
6th Trust Board Meeting - Scheduled On 5th April 2020 Was Postponed Due To Covid Crisis
21th April 2020
Official Website Launched
02nd January 2022
6th Trust Board Meeting
05th January 2022
Solid Waste Management Project Meeting
03rd April 2022
7th Trust Board Meeting
03rd April 2022
Installation of New Management Committee
29th April 2022
New Management Committee 1st Meeting
29th May 2022
Advisory Council Meeting (Batch Representatives)
03rd July 2022
8th Trust Board Meeting
17th July 2022
Solid Waste Management Project Inauguration
09th October 2022
9th Trust Board Meeting
21th October 2022
TMCAA Prizes and Medals
08th November 2022
TMJ Meet @ TMC
06th December 2022
Management committee TMCAA / TMC Administration

Meeting of Management committee TMCAA,
Dr.Indiraraju Project Coordinator
SWMP with
Dr Arumugam,VP TMC,
Dr Selvam RMO TMCH,
Dr Muhammad Idris,ARMO, TMCH
on 06-12-2022



17th December 2022
08th January 2023
10th Trust Board Meeting
02nd April 2023
11th Trust Board Meeting
14th May 2023
Advisory Council Meeting (Batch Representatives)
02nd July 2023
12th Trust Board Meeting
01st October 2023
13th Trust Board Meeting
11th October 2023
TMCAA- TMC administration - SWMP review Meeting
7th January 2024
14th Trust Board Meeting
3rd February 2024
TMCAA Management committee (2024-2026) Election Announcement