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Green TMC Project

Respected TMC Alumni,


Hope you and your family are safe in this Covid crisis.

We sincerely appreciate and thank all our senior alumni for their efforts to bring our alumni together in the past. TMCAA appreciate and welcome all TMC Alumni who have joined as new life members. Thank you all for your Covid & General donations. This website is updated periodically.

Sincerely appreciate the individual alumni batches for your support to TMC in this Covid crisis in the form of donating Covid care materials for patient care and frontline HCW’s (May, June – 2021 / Rupees 12.38 Lakhs). Congratulations to 1980 alumni for their individual efforts in setting up oxygen plant at TMCH (September – 2021 / Rupees One Crore) . Our TMCAA in the past has so far renovated the two restrooms at main building TMC (August-2019 / Rupees 10 Lakhs ) and sponsored conversion of new lecture hall 1 & 2 into smart class rooms (March-2021 / Rupees 9 Lakhs).

In continuing our work at TMC we are now taking up green TMC project this year. A separate fund raising programme through our TMCAA is going on for establishing a solid waste management unit at TMCH at estimated cost of 75 lakhs. Interested alumni can support this project donating through TMCAA website. Project Co-ordinators – Dr.Inderaraj.C (1961), Dr.Rammohan (1961) & TMCAA through Dr.Ravikumar.G (1979) – Dean TMC. Already we have raised around 29 lakhs and request the support of other alumni (for eg.75donors X 1,00,000/- would be a ideal solution)…. Whatever you are able to contribute is welcome and each and every penny is accounted and audited regularly every year in IT.

Thank you
Dr M Balamurugan
Secretary TMCAA 


  • To relieve sickness, assist rehabilitation of sick patients and support the work of Thanjavur Medical College & Raja Mirasdhar Hospitals, Thanjavur.
  • Providing Equipment and other medical products used in the day to day clinical care of the patients for their treatment and maintenance @TMC.
  • To conduct regular CME programs, medical training workshops for medical students, CRRI, Post-graduates, Working Faculty Doctors, Medical/ Paramedical staff @ TMC.
  • Providing other facilities and support services not normally provided by the statutory authorities.
  • To undertake any other activity incidental to the above objects and not inconsistent with the above objects for the welfare of our Alma Mater.
  • To conduct periodical alumni gatherings and education meetings.
  • TMCAA will not carry out any activities with the intention of earning profit and will perform with service motive only.
  • TMCAA will not interfere with Policies of Govt & TMC administration.
  • No activities of TMCAA will be carried out outside India.

Corpus Fund for TMCH Solid Waste Management Project

(Seventy five lakhs)

Fund Collected till 31-10-21   


Twenty Nine Lakhs

Donor List ( Rupees One Lakh & Above)

Rs.5,00,000 – Dr.Puraviappan(1961)
Rs.3,00,000 – Dr.Thirunganasambandam.S(1963)
Rs.2,00,000 – Dr.Inderaraj C(1961)
Rs.2,00,000 – Dr.Velusamy N(1961)
Rs.1,00,000 – Dr.Santiagu V Pillay(1963)
Rs.1,00,000 – Dr Rammohan M(1961)
Rs.1,00,000 – Dr.Thiyagarajan S(1961)
Rs.1,00,000 – Dr.Anandakannan(1961)
Rs.1,00,000 – Dr.Edwin Asirvatham(1961)
Rs.1,00,000 – Dr.Vasudevan.G(1961)
Rs.1,00,000 – Dr.Chandrasekaran.R(1964)
Rs.1,00,000 – Dr.Somasundaram Ilangovan(1961)
Rs.1,00,000 – Dr.Kanthilal S K(1963)
Rs.1,00,000 – Dr.Mary A(1963)
Rs.1,00,000 – Dr.Nagappan.S(1961)
Rs.1,00,000 – Dr.Vijaya Lakshmi Ponnaih(1962)
Rs.1,00,000 – Dr.Dhanabalan.V(1961)
Rs.1,00,000 – Dr.Ramaiyah.S (1962)









Recent Activities

TMC 1980 HEDONICANS OXYGEN PLANT connected to the oxygen main line 30-09-2021
TMC 1980 HEDONICANS OXYGEN PLANT connected to the oxygen main line after testing and standardisation of the plant in the presence of The Dean, HOD of Neurosurgery & Anesthesia, our Dr. R. Ganesan and Dr. Usha Devi.
Collector , Alumni office bearers, Dean , project developers in project meeting 29-09-2021
Oxygen Plant @ TMCH (1980 TMC Alumni - Sep 2021) / 1 Crore
TMCAA Sincerely Thank 1980 Alumni Batch for Donating a Oxygen Plant  @ TMCH