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Solid Waste Management Project ( SWMP )

Respected TMC Alumni,


Wish everyone a very happy and prosperous new year 2022.

TMCAA appreciate and thank all TMC alumni for their dedicated professional and social service in this covid crisis for the past 2 years.

TMCAA has renovated two restrooms at the main building TMC (August-2019 / Rupees 10 Lakhs) and sponsored the up-gradation of three lecture halls into smart classrooms at TMC (March-2021 / Rupees 9 Lakhs) with your financial support so far.

TMCAA sincerely appreciate the individual alumni and alumni batches for your direct support to TMCH in this Covid crisis in the form of donating Covid care materials for patient care and frontline HCW’s (May, June – 2021 / Rupees 12.38 Lakhs).

TMCAA sincerely appreciate and thank the 1980 alumni batch for installing an Oxygen generation plant at TMCH (Sep 2021 / Rs.1 Crore).

In continuing our work at TMC this year TMCAA has been raising funds for the installation of a solid waste management plant (SWMP) at TMCH at an estimated cost of Rupees 1 Crore.

TMCAA sincerely thank Dr. C Inderaraj (1961 alumni – SWMP Project Director) for initiating the project.

The solid waste management unit will be donated by our alumni association to TMCH and will be managed by the SWMP committee (Dean & RMO-TMCH, District collector, Corporation Commissioner, Municipal Health Officer -Thanjavur, 3 Nominated Alumni representatives,1 Environmentalist)

So far, we have received Rupees 60.25 lakhs in total as donation from individual alumni (Rupees 36.25 Lakhs), 1965 Alumni Albatross batch (Rupees 11 Lakhs), 1984 Alumni Batch (Rupees 11 Lakhs)  towards the project.

TMCAA sincerely thank the individual alumni donors and alumni batches for their contribution towards the solid waste management project at TMCH.

TMCAA kindly request all alumni to support this noble cause (of cleaning the solid waste-a long-standing pollution issue at TMCH) with your possible contribution at the earliest to complete the project.


All your contribution is accepted with thanks, appreciation and will be sincerely utilised, faithfully applied towards the solid waste management project at TMCH.

Thank you
Dr V Varadarajan-Chairman
Dr P G SankarNarayanan-President
Dr M Singaravelu-Vice President
Dr M Elangovan-Vice President
Dr M Balamurugan-Secretary
Dr A Rajendran-Joint secretary
Dr A Vinoth-Treasurer

Payment options

UPI ID : SBI.07880@SBI


State Bank of India,
Medical College Branch, Thanjavur
Current Account No : 38309450314
IFSC Code : SBIN0007880 

Please SMS / WhatsApp the payment details to: 94433 94928 / 99947 70043 / 96550 66444 (Transaction ID // Date //Name // Alumni Batch // Address // Mobile no // Email)

Solid Waste Management Project @ TMCH

(Rupees One Crore)

Total Fund Collected till 22-01-22   


Sixty Lakhs and Twenty Five Thousands

List  of Donors ( till 22-01-2022)

Rs.11,00,000 – 1965 ALBATROSS Batch
Rs.11,00,000 – 1984 ALUMNI BATCH
Rs.5,00,000 – Dr.Puraviappan(1961)
Rs.5,00,000 – Dr.Arunachala Udayar Sethu(1963)
Rs.3,00,000 – Dr.Thirunganasambandam.S(1963)
Rs.2,00,000 – Dr.Inderaraj C(1961)
Rs.2,00,000 – Dr.Velusamy N(1961)
Rs.1,00,000 – Dr.Santiagu V Pillay(1963)
Rs.1,00,000 – Dr Rammohan M(1961)
Rs.1,00,000 – Dr.Thiyagarajan S(1961)
Rs.1,00,000 – Dr.Anandakannan(1961)
Rs.1,00,000 – Dr.Edwin Asirvatham(1961)
Rs.1,00,000 – Dr.Vasudevan.G(1961)
Rs.1,00,000 – Dr.Chandrasekaran.R(1964)
Rs.1,00,000 – Dr.Somasundaram Ilangovan(1963)
Rs.1,00,000 – Dr.Kanthilal S K(1963)
Rs.1,00,000 – Dr.Mary A(1963)
Rs.1,00,000 – Dr.Nagappan.S(1961)
Rs.1,00,000 – Dr.Vijaya Lakshmi Ponnaih(1962)
Rs.1,00,000 – Dr.Dhanabalan.V(1961)
Rs.1,00,000 – Dr.Ramaiyah.S (1962)
Rs.1,00,000 – Dr.Selvaraju.M (1970)
Rs.1,00,000 – Dr.Madhan Mohan(1978)
Rs.1,00,000 – Dr.Sujay G(1991)
Rs.50,000 – Dr.Akila Annamalai (1983)
Rs.50,000 – Dr. Chockalingam P (1960)
Rs.50,000 – Dr.Chandra Joseph (1966)
Rs.50,000 – Dr.Elangovan M (1978)
Rs.50,000 – Dr.Aravazhi R (1991)
Rs.25,000 – Dr.Annapurni Balan (1961)
Rs.25,000 – Dr Balambal Varadharajan (1961)
Rs.25,000 – Dr.Arun Kumar J (1990)









Recent Activities

Solid Waste Management Project Meeting on 05.01.2022 @ Thanjavur Collectorate
TMCAA - Sixth Trust Board Meeting on 02.01.2022 @ TMC
TMC 1965 Alumni Batch (ALBATROSS Batch) donated Rs.11 Lakhs on 27.12.2021
TMC 1980 HEDONICANS OXYGEN PLANT connected to the oxygen main line 30-09-2021
TMC 1980 HEDONICANS OXYGEN PLANT connected to the oxygen main line after testing and standardisation of the plant in the presence of The Dean, HOD of Neurosurgery & Anesthesia, our Dr. R. Ganesan and Dr. Usha Devi.
Collector , Alumni office bearers, Dean , project developers in project meeting 29-09-2021
Oxygen Plant @ TMCH (1980 TMC Alumni - Sep 2021) / 1 Crore
TMCAA Sincerely Thank 1980 Alumni Batch for Donating a Oxygen Plant  @ TMCH