Solid Waste Management Project


Solid Waste Management Project

The Thanjavur Medical College Alumni Association (TMCAA) would like to express their gratitude to Dr. Marudhu Durai and Dr. Indiraraju for their support in the initiation of the Solid Waste Management Project (SWMP). The project was developed in collaboration with the District Collector, TMC Administration, and Pyromag Team (Mumbai). The TMCAA collected funds from voluntary alumni donors for the project, and a report was presented by Dr. Balamurugan and Dr. Namachivayam regarding the viability and functioning of the plant after their visit to the Rajahmundry Pyromag plant.

After negotiations, a deal was finalized for a total cost of Rs.65 lakhs, and an agreement was signed between Pyromag (Mumbai) and the DEAN TMC, which includes transport, erection, installation, operation, and maintenance of the unit for one year by the vendor Pyromag, Mumbai. Pyromag also promised to clear all old accumulated waste debris with Trowmill within six months, and the plan is to dispose of the daily collection of waste on the same day without storing.

The TMCAA agreed to purchase and donate the unit to TMCH, and Dr. Indiraraju was appointed as the project director by the TMCAA. The Thanjavur district administration promised to support the project through the patient welfare fund for layout development and greenery through the horticulture department.

The project site was chosen by the TMC administration, and the project designing & layout structure development contract was handed over to M/S Horizon Infrastructure, Thanjavur. Work started with cleaning all the old debris and marking the project site in February 2022. The estimated time for completion was fixed to be 5 months, and a SWMP management committee was formed by the District Collector for maintenance of the unit from the 2nd year onwards. Temporary water supply and EB supply were arranged by the TMC administration at the project site, and the ECOBEAN unit was delivered, and the installation process started in June 2022.

All layout infrastructure works were completed by Horizon Infra Structure on July 15th, 2022, and the trial run of the unit started on 15-07-2022. The inauguration was planned on 17-07-2022, Sunday. Permanent water supply through a separate borewell at the project site is arranged through TMCAA and is still ongoing. Apart from donating the unit, TMCAA also made an extra contribution in providing a security room, project office room, workers’ room for stay, restroom, RO drinking water, etc. All rooms are provided with basic amenities like cot, fan, steel storage almirah & basic office room furniture.

The TMC administration has allotted and employed four workers to get trained for one year by Pyromag, and from the second year onwards, operation and maintenance will be by TMC administration. Negotiations are underway with Pyromag for 3 years of AMC, and they are expecting kind cooperation from TMC administration regarding the segregation of solid waste from biomedical waste. The vendor has assured and agreed by contract to get TNPCB clearance certificate within three months of commissioning and running the SWMP unit.

On behalf of TMCAA, they sincerely thank all TMC ALUMNI for their moral support and valuable financial contribution to this noble project. As an honor, they have made a permanent flex board of all major donors and erected it in the SWMP office room. They also express their gratitude to the Thanjavur District Administration, District Collector and his team, TMC Administration, and Dean and his team for taking part and supporting TMCAA in making this SWMP a grand success.

16th Apr 2020

Covid-19 First Patient Successfully treated by our college and getting discharged. District Collector gifted him fruits.
Dean Dr.Kumdha Lingaraj & HOD Medicine Prof.Namachivayam, Prof.Maruthudurai in this picture. Congratulations to the entire team. – 16th Apr 2020

18th Apr 2020

Blood Donation camp during covid crisis at TMCH

23rd Apr 2020

Dr V Varadarajan Chairman TMCAA , DR P G Sankaranarayanan President TMCAA , DR M Singaravelu & Vice President TMCAA met Mr Shanmugam IAS, Nodal Officer, Covid crisis, Thanjavur and discussed about requirements of frontline HCW at TMCH

24th Apr 2020

Covid Crisis Meeting at RMH with Dean, Collector and Nodal Officer.

24th Apr 2020

Covid Crisis Meeting at TMCH with Dean, Collector and Nodal Officer.

Blood Donation Camp

Blood Donation camp during covid crisis at Thirukattupalli Organized by Dr.R.V.S.Velmurugan, 1992 Alumni, Medical Officer, Blood Bank TMCH & Dr.C.S.Senthil Kumar, 1991 Alumni, Asst. Prof. Dep of Paediatrics,RMH (42 Units Collected)

Doctors Blood Donation @ TMCH.
TMCAA thank the couple Dr.Jaya Murugavel, Dr.Gayathri Murugavel of 1995 Alumni & few CRRI who donated their blood at this COVID-19 crisis.. Social distancing was there… but they have not distanced from the society in the time of crisis….hand washing was there..but they have let their hands to hold some soul in need .. (14 Units Collected)

Blood Donation camp during covid crisis at Alathur,Pudukkottai District Organized by Dr.R.V.S.Velmurugan, 1992 Alumni, Medical Officer, Blood Bank TMCH. (56 Units Collected)