TMCAA Prizes and Medals

TMCAA Prizes and Medals

Professor.Dr.A.Jesudoss Gold Medal for ENT postgraduate awarded to Dr.S.Elakkia for the year 2022. (21 Oct 2022)

New Gold Medals

Respected TMC Alumni,

I am writing this message with overwhelming happiness expressing heartful of thanks for achieving the process of Institution of Gold Medal as “Professor Dr.A.Jesudoss Gold Medal for ENT postgraduate” and the Medal was awarded to Dr.S.Elakkia on 21st oct for the year 2022.

The dream came true not on a single day.

I must thank the College administration especially the Respected Dean Dr Balajinathan, Dr.Maruthudurai , Medical Superintendent ,Vice Principal Dr.Arumugam ,Prof/HOD/ENT Dr.C.Balasubramanian for having permitted and executed the award ceremony in the midst of students function. I should thank previous Dean Dr.G.Ravikumar who had initiated and paved a way for TMCAA to facilitate the Medal awards for students.

Even though i am one of the Trustee of TMCAA, as the donor for this medal, i must register my thanks the Chairman Prof. VVR and all members of the Trust. I must mention the efforts put by Prof.R.Elangovan and Prof.M.Elangovan as the co ordination committee members for the medals and Prizes through TMCAA to finalize the guidelines and prepare the base for foolproof system of Institution of Medals. As per the directions of the Dean, the candidate for the year 2022 was selected after competitive examinations, written and viva by the team headed by Prof/HOD/ENT.

My sincere thanks to every one who involved in the process of making it.

Dr Jesudoss
Coordinator for medals and prizes – TMCAA

Prizes and Medals

Respected Alumni,
If you are interested in creating a medal/prize in your name for TMC students through TMC Alumni Association 

Please contact Dr.Jesudoss – Coordinator for medals and prizes.

Email :
Mobile : 94431 55513



When institutions are started the Professors and Local Philanthropists institute prizes and medals in various subjects under their preferred name of Scientists, Guardians or fore fathers.

The institutions analyse the donation and accept them with understanding that the prizes and medals are given as per the wish for the donor to respective candidates as desired by the suggestion committee constituted for this purpose.

In practice in this institution and in any other institution the deposits so collected are centralized by the Government are not made available to the college or they are not ready for annual decoration due to administrative reasons. The prizes and medals are not given in time much to the displeasure of the donor and the receiver.

It does not serve the purpose either for the selection in service or higher studies of the candidates sometimes, even for many years they are not awarded.

This matter was seriously discussed by the Alumni Association. There are many of the alumnus who are retired Professors and Vice Chancellors or Eminent Medical fraternity all over the world who are willing to donate for the medals provided they are properly implemented in the future.

The TMCAA strongly feel to take necessary steps to ensure that the students who are deserving prizes or medals receives in time, without loosing their opportunity in competition and recognition.

Choosing the Candidate

Any prize or medal by the institution is by the recommendation from the institution or by committees constituted for this specific purpose only as decided by the Dean and College Council (as existing now)

Availability of the Fund

There are two angles today. 1)The Dean does not have access to the prize money when it needed mostly.2) We have to find a way where in the money is made available to the Dean when he needs it at a particular time of the year so that he is free to give the award.

We do not have control over things which have happened in the past. Now we can start a new path hereafter and this is for willing donors only. We have no intention to interfere with the existing process of people donating to the Dean and creating endowments directly. We are giving one more additional way to modify the present process.


The Process

Creation of Medal Funds through TMCAA. (Thanjavur Medical College Alumni Association)

  1. Any willing donor can request the alumni association to accept donation from him towards prize or medal for particular subject in any department. These donations could be maintained by the TMCAA and made available to the college or designated authorities as and when necessary to satisfy the wishes of the donor.
  2. For this the donor must willingly pledge the money in favor of the TMCAA for this cause. The willing donors have to sign an agreement that incorporating their voluntary nature of donation for a cause and money to be maintained and disposed as per TMCAA guidelines for Medals and Prizes
  3. An Expert committee shall be formed by the Dean in consultation with the Head of particular Department for the particular prize or medal
  4. The operation of the funds of the Medals and Prizes will be done by the authorized signatories of TMCAA as per the requirement of submitted by the Convenor who is designated by the Trust Board.


The Guidelines for the Institution of Medals and Prizes

Mandatory points to be considered and followed without deviation.

1) The TMCAA will submit a proposal to the Dean of TMC for approval of the medal for UG/PG/Super Speciality.

2) The Medals which are to be proposed will be added to the existing list of Gold Medals of the college.

3)The Dean is the Authority for instituting any Medal proposed by the TMCAA who is the facilitator only.

4)The TMCAA will officially intimate the amounts accrued as interest from the deposits of Medal amounts to the Dean when the college announces the medal function annually, which can be considered as a mandatory event for the privilege gained by the student for his or her future carrier

5)The TMCAA cannot divert the Medal funds for any other purpose.

6) The Convenor is the custodian of the records under the guidance of the Trust Board.

7)In extraordinary circumstances when the convenor is not able to be present, one of the senior members of the committee for the Medals and Prizes shall act.

8)Display of the Medals and Prizes in the Main Lounge of the College and in the Alumni office should be arranged through the Dean.

9) The TMCAA will submit the proposal to the Dean, TMC to officiate and approve.


Procedural stages.

The Co Ordinator can form a committee by including two more Academicians from the members of the Trust Board for the scrutiny and formal approval.

Stage I

Request for constituting a medal at TMC for students from the willing sponsors to be sent to the convenor of the TMCAA.

The proposal shall include the following Particulars.

(A) Title of the Medal and the Bio data of the Title.

(B) Department/UG/PG/Super Speciality for which the Medal is proposed as desired by the Donor and the department

(C) Method – By conducting competitive exam or University topper

(D) Frequency-Every year – (by default)

Stage II

The TMCAA Convenor for Medals and Prizes will place it in the Trust Meeting for approval.

Stage III

TMCAA will Submit the proposals to the Dean

Stage IV

After receiving official communication of approval by the Dean, the TMCAA will request the donor to transfer the required funds to TMCAA accounts as DD or by NEFT along with the pledge in the format.

Stage V

The TMCAA will hand over the copy of the official authorisation of the Medal from the Dean.

The Institution of the medal will be authorised from the Academic year. (If the procedure started in the middle of Academic year- the award will be given from the subsequent year.) Note: The amount of endowment fund is fixed as one Lakh as minimal (as of now). Any amount more than one lakh will be accepted. It will be deposited as a Permanent Fixed Deposit which cannot be revoked and the interest accrued alone will be utilised. The TMCAA Trust is empowered to consider the hike of minimal amount more than one lakh as and when decided by the Trust Board, when it is absolutely essential. If the interest is not enough to procure the medal, the donors or their wards or the nominee has to support by providing additional funds.

If the sponsor of a particular Medal is not willing to contribute for the increase of the deposit when needed or not interested to continue the Medal award, it will be discontinued and the existing deposit fund will be incorporated with the Trust account.

The TMCAA Convenor for Medals and Prizes shall present a status report in the quarterly Trust Board meetings.


The proposal from the donor, approval from the Trust board and the Dean, receipt of the funds by the TMCAA are the stages to be completed before the declaration of the Medal into operation.

In case of extraordinary circumstances where in the Dean is negative and approval not given for the proposed medal, it will be intimated to the donor and the funds will be returned totally to the sponsors (in case the funds received already)


1) The Medal fund shall be called as                                                         -. The above fund has to be settled for

awarding Gold Medal for                                                              by conducting competitive examination every year by the HOD of                                 TMC, Thanjavur or for the University Topper in the subject with in the college of the year specified.

2) The Thanjavur Medical College emblem shall be embossed on the obverse side and the insignia/words                                              shall be affixed on the reverse side of the Gold Medal.

3) The donated fund is vested with TMCAA Trust as a Deposit in a public sector or scheduled bank or in the Govt Postal Services Bank who will from time to time invest and reinvest the amount and proceeds to the best interest of the fund.

4) The interest accrued annually shall be utilised for the Gold Medals and awarded to the designated students annually.

5)As and when there is need for more funds to conduct the examination, funds will be contributed by the donor or any one of his family members to conduct the examination periodically every year.

6) The unutilised amount accrued as interest shall be added to the corpus of the fund.



Government Thanjavur Medical College, Thanjavur, Tamil Nadu. 613004


This Memorandum of understanding executed on this                    day of       , 202    , between:

  1. The Thanjavur Medical College Alumni Association, a charitable trust created under the Indian Trusts Act, 1882 with No. R/Thanjavur Joint/Book 4/4/2019, with its Registered Office situated at 2nd Floor, Main Building, Thanjavur Medical College, Thanjavur).


  1. Dr                       Son / Daughter of Shri                        and residing at                                

I am depositing a sum of Rs.                                       towards instituting a medal or prize in the custody of TMCAA

Thanjavur Medical College Alumni Association has designated Prof. Dr A. Jesudoss (TMC 1967 Alumni-Trust member) the convener of the scheme co-ordinate to award prizes and Medals.

I understand that a separate committee comprises of Two Senior Professors (Alumni of TMC) will be formed to co-ordinate this medal or prize and will be distributed as per the decision of the Dean, TMC.

  1. The annual interest accruing thereon will be utilized for the prizes and medals as per the conditions laid down by the coordination Committee.
  2. The Donor hereby confirms that he will not withdraw the said Corpus Donation and in case the donor is not interested to continue the prize or medal constituted, the corpus donation will be closed and transferred to the General Fund account of the Alumni Association.
  3. The legal heirs of the Donor have no right to claim the amount from the Trust and on his choice, he may attend the prize distribution function on invitation.



Application/Proposal to TMCAA seeking the Institution of the Medal.

The proposal shall include the following Particulars.

1)Name of the Applicant

2) Qualification.

3) Address

4) Mobile Number

5) Email Id

6) Aadhaar Number

7) Pan Card

8) If TMC Alumni-Batch and Membership details

9) Details of the Medal Proposed

(A) Title of the Medal and the Bio data of the Title.

(B) Department/UG/PG/Super Speciality for which the Medal is proposed as desired by the Donor (subjected to the concurrence of the concerned department)

(C) Method – By conducting competitive exam or University topper

(D) Frequency-Every year – (by default)

10) Nominee Details

11) Alternate Member details for contact.


I have gone through the guidelines of TMCAA and fully satisfied before submitting this

Proposal to the Convenor.

Signature of the Proposer                                                                            Date



Dr.A.Jesudoss                    Dr.R.Elangovan                 Dr.M.Elangovan

Convenor                            Member                              Member