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Thanjavur Medical College Alumni Associataion (TMCAA)

Thanjavur Medical College Alumni Association

     After 60 years, We now have a official registered alumni association for Thanjavur medical college. TMCAA was registered officially as a trust on 11th January 2019 with 21 TMCAA life members as Trustees under the leadership of Dr V Varadarajan ( 1959 TMC Alumni ) as Chairman. First Management Committee was formed from the trust board to carry out day to day activities of our alumni association .An advisory council of TWO batch representatives from each alumni batch is formed to support TMCAA and its activities.

     The Trust board and Management Committee meets regularly on 1st Sunday once in three months (Jan, Apr, July, Oct ) @ TMCAA hall, 2nd floor, Main building, TMC for developing TMCAA ( Details in our TMCAA website…..Milestones ). Advisory Council (Batch representatives) meet is arranged once a year. Alumni association is not involved / responsible in selecting batch representatives. As Batch Representatives Update work is still pending, interested alumni who are willing to be batch representatives can inform us.

SMS: 96550 66444 // 9443394928
Email : admin@tmcalumni.com // bmclinic@gmail.com

     Our first work is to compile whole database of the all the TMC alumni batches from the year 1959 till date & promote new life membership to establish our alumni association.Once the work of alumni association database is completed all registered life members of TMCAA will receive individual communication through SMS & Email

For any information and help regarding alumni database please contact:
Dr B S Suresh (1984) 9443171509 // 9092701875 // bhungasuresh@gmail.com
Dr P Nagarajan (1984) 9444135560 // 8825783032 // naganudhali@gmail.com
IT wing & Database coordinators, TMCAA


  • To relieve sickness, assist rehabilitation of sick patients and support the work of Thanjavur Medical College & Raja Mirasdhar Hospitals, Thanjavur.
  • Providing Equipment and other medical products used in the day to day clinical care of the patients for their treatment and maintenance @TMC.
  • To conduct regular CME programs, medical training workshops for medical students, CRRI, Post-graduates, Working Faculty Doctors, Medical/ Paramedical staff @ TMC.
  • Providing other facilities and support services not normally provided by the statutory authorities.
  • To undertake any other activity incidental to the above objects and not inconsistent with the above objects for the welfare of our Alma Mater.
  • To conduct periodical alumni gatherings and education meetings.
  • TMCAA will not carry out any activities with the intention of earning profit and will perform with service motive only.
  • TMCAA will not interfere with Policies of Govt & TMC administration.
  • No activities of TMCAA will be carried out outside India.

Our official website: www.tmcalumni.com was opened on 21.04.2020 Tuesday with only view option and provisions for…
-Secure online TMCAA life membership payment
-Secure online Donation to TMCAA.